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20 Mar

Veneers, a way to aesthetic teeth!

Your smile is the best thing you can have. If you are not happy with your smile, you won’t be comfortable with your teeth. And if you have any issues with your dental health, Veneers is one of the best options for you to fix the problem.

What are Veneers?

It is a custom-made shell to cover the surface of the tooth/teeth, which gives an ideal appearance to the damaged tooth. Now, this can be done to one tooth or many teeth as per the condition of the person.

This procedure covers various dental issues, like chipped, crack, unequal and discoloured teeth. In some cases, if bleaching can’t meet the expected results, then Veneers are the go- to option.

There are two types of Veneers, one is traditional and the other one is non-prep ones. In the case of traditional ones, it requires removal of enamels. But in non-prep Veneers, it needs little alternation.

What is the procedure?

Fixing Veneers is a process that’s split into 3 sessions. In the first session, your dentist will examine your present dental condition. Then comes a discussion with your dentist. Here, you can express your need or what exactly you are expecting from the procedure. Then the impression of your teeth is taken and sent to a laboratory to prepare your Veneers.

In the second session, your Veneers are ready to be placed on your teeth. In this, your dentist numbs the area, and then the tooth is prepared for its placement. Your tooth is cleaned to avoid any bacterial infections or removal of any food particles. Next, the grinding tool is applied to the area which gives a roughness to hold the Veneers in its place and later it photopolymerized.

There you go, the process is completed and you can see the variations before and after. It may take a certain amount of time to get used to, with new emplacements. To get used to it, you must take proper precautions.

Here is what you have to ensure:

Good oral hygiene
Avoid chewing with front tooth
While performing any sports activity wear mouthguard

After placement of dental Veneers, if you are not comfortable while chewing, visit the dentist. Avoiding a follow-up could lead to complications with your gums, and tooth.

To enquire about dental Veneers, connect with Redlynch Village Dental Clinic. You may call us on (07) 4243 3533.
Dental Wisdom: Smile, and let your teeth breathe.