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17 Mar

Five simple steps to improve oral teeth

“I feel lazy to floss!” If you’ve ever told yourself that, then you need to pull up dental habits and get familiar with the five steps to improve your oral health.

Step 1: Change your toothbrush often

If the last time you’ve changed your toothbrush was about 3-4 months ago, then it’s time that you replace it with a new one. With regular usage, the bristles of the toothbrush get worn out and may not be as effective anymore. More so, if you have come out of sickness, make sure you replace your toothbrush. Or the germs that may have made you sick, may continue to hold on to your toothbrush.

Step 2: Floss your teeth regularly

Flossing is an essential part of dental care that can help you prevent problems like tooth decay, cavities, and even gingivitis. It helps in removing food particles that are stuck in between your teeth, which can lead to decay.

Step 3: Be right about your brushing technique

Hold your toothbrush at a 45 o angle and move it back and forth in gentle, small strokes. Pay attention to each individual tooth and the gums around it. Make sure you brush properly the chewing surfaces and the sides, typically hard to reach! A proper brushing practice will prevent plaque and tartar build up, as well as tooth decay and other oral health issues.

Step 4: Be mindful of your toothpaste

Your toothpaste needs to have the seal of a certified body. Do see if the toothpaste you are using is chemical-based or natural (that is, made of herbs). Make sure that your toothpaste contains fluoride, as it fights germs that lead to dental decay.

Step 5: Have regular dental check-ups

Make sure to visit your dentist every 6 months to prevent any issues, including tooth decay, gum disease and tartar build-up. If the dentist advises, go in for preventive or restorative procedures that can help in bringing your teeth back to good condition.

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Dental Wisdom: Take care of your teeth, so they take care of you.