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17 Mar

Myths that keep you away from dentists

Teeth are probably the most neglected and taken-for-grated part of the body. Often, we tend to ignore them because we believe it is hard in construct and we think it doesn’t need any care and can always stay tough and damage-free. But surely, it’s a myth and one needs to attend to dental care before it is too late.

“I’ll go to a dentist only if I have pain in my teeth”

If you think that you need to see a dentist only when there’s dental pain or you seem to have developed a cavity – then that’s not true. It’s recommended that you see a dentist twice a year for regularly cleaning and spotting any potential dental disease. It’s easier and less-expensive to treat a dental problem much early, that treat it later.

“I brush every morning, and that’s enough.”

Is it fine if you eat food only once in a day? Well, that’s exactly why you need to brush at least twice a day. Because every time you eat, food gets lodged in the teeth and that can be the beginning of a dental problem like cavities. Also, what happens is when we are asleep in the night, our salivary glands produce less saliva. Whereas in the day the salivary action is high and that provides a cleansing effect. So, when we avoid brushing our teeth before bed, food particles stay on and that triggers a tooth decay over time.

“Oral health has nothing to do with my general health”

You’ll be surprised to know that bad oral health could be the start of a disease in another part of the body. A mouth that has severe tooth decay or periodontal disease is more likely to cause bacteria to enter into the bloodstream and trigger other health issues. Medical studies have established links between periodontal disease and heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.

“I brush harder, so my teeth are cleaner”

Contrary to what most people think, brushing harder can in fact work against your teeth. Because when you brush harder, you are inflicting more pressure on the tooth enamel and gum tissues, and this can lead to gum recession. So, it is advised to brush gently for 2 minutes, twice a day with a soft-bristled brush.

If you sense any issue with your teeth spot it early. And if you want to have it taken care of, reach out to Redlynch Village Dental Clinic. You may call us on (07) 4243 3533.

Dental Wisdom: Remember, your overall health starts with oral health.