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19 Mar

Things to know about Root Canal Treatment.

There are a lot of misconceptions that surround an important dental procedure, called the Root Canal Treatment or RCT. Yet, if you want to educate yourself, read this, so the next time you have the right answers with you.

What is Root Canal?

Root Canal is a part of a tooth that contains blood vessels and nerve tissues.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

It is the process of protecting the tooth through a procedure. This procedure eliminates any future infections and inflammation. It is done by an Endodontist, who specializes in treating pulp-related issues.

Here are the treatment steps:

Your dentist will give you a local aesthesia, which numbs the tooth. Then he will make a little incision on the surface of the tooth. Next, the infected area is cleaned and shaped. Here, the dead pulp is removed, as the removal of dead pulp requires filling. After cleaning and removing the affected part, it is covered with a cement filling. In some cases, a temporary filling is layered and then filled with the crown. Naturally, the tooth is sensitive, in some cases patients undergo severe swelling and pain for a few days.

There are certain precautions one needs to take after undergoing RCT.

1. Avoid chewing:

After the Root Canal procedure, a temporary crown is made with a temporary filling. Until the permanent crown is made, avoid using this tooth.

2. Maintain oral hygiene:

Since bad oral hygiene is the primary cause for all dental issues, make sure to maintain oral hygiene. Brush and rinse with lukewarm water.

3. Take your medications:

Your dentist will prescribe medications that you will need to consume. Do complete the intake of course.

4. Avoid drinking alcohol:

During the first few days after completion of the Root Canal Treatment, do not consume alcohol. It interrupts the process of recovery.

Root Canal Treatment is cost-effective, and gives long-term protection to the tooth. The rate of successfully completed cases is quite high. The process is simple for anyone suffering from gum-swelling, crack, and nerve sensitivity. Delay in visiting a dentist may cause severe complications.

If you want to have healthy teeth, and want to get your Root Canal Treatment, visit Redlynch Village Dental Clinic, our Endodontist will help you relieve from pain with successful treatment.

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